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February 13, 2013

CAF America Highlights New Findings From #NGD Report

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A Message from the CEO

February 8, 2012

Ted Hart

The Johnson Center for Philanthropy recently released a very exciting report on the next generations of major philanthropists, and I want to highlight two key findings which we found very exciting.  First, the philanthropic values of families are being successfully passed down; the next generations of donors (“#NextGenDonors”) are as committed as ever to changing the world.

The second key finding is that the next generations of donors are very concerned with ‘Strategic Philanthropy’ and having an impact. This is new. They want better due diligence and research.  I am pleased that CAF America is ahead of the curve. We offer Enhanced Expenditure Responsibility internationally and Enhanced Due Diligence here in the U.S. to ensure impactful and smart giving. Our donors are able to fully experience the joy of giving by seeing the differences they are making.

You can learn more about the #NextGenDonors report in this newsletter’s feature story below.


More on the philanthropy of #NextGenDonors

The Johnson Center for Philanthropy at Grand Valley State University and the nonprofit consulting firm 21/64 recently released  a report from their groundbreaking study on the philanthropic habits of the next generations of major donors.

According to the report, the next generations of major philanthropists — Generation X (born 1964-1980) and Generation Y or ‘Millenials’ (born 1981-2000) — are set to inherit about $40 trillion, and these individuals will have an even greater impact on giving than their parents and grandparents did.

One of the key findings, which sets these new generations apart, is a greater focus on impact. Unlike their predecessors, individuals in these new generations are less interested in galas and giving only money away.

They are interested in ‘Strategic Philanthropy,’ which involves more research and better due diligence that will lead to smarter giving. They are also more interested in using their professional skills and talents to work toward solutions alongside charities and causes they support.

What has not changed is the philanthropic values and ideals they have also inherited from their parents along with their fortunes. Most up and coming philanthropists will continue to support the organizations their families have always supported.

The report also notes that the next generations of donors are more likely to focus their sights on civil rights, advocacy & the environment, and animal causes.  Most interestingly, however, is that these “NextGenDonors” are thought to be relatively more focused on global causes versus domestic ones.

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