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March 18, 2013

City Visions Radio presents: The Rise of the Young Philanthropist



City Visions Radio presents:  The Rise of the Young Philanthropist

Airs live on Monday March 18, 7:00 pm, KALW 91.7FM San Francisco
Call-in Number: (415) 841-4134

Contact: Wendy Holcombe,, (415) 377-6429

(San Francisco) March 18, 2013.  On tonight’s City Visions, host Lauren Meltzer will lead a  discussion about the increasing impact of young philanthropists.  Last year, The Chronicle of Philanthropy named the top five donors of 2012.  Three of the top five donors are under 40.  Two of these three are from the Bay Area, which seems to generate a new batch of young millionaires with each successful I.P.O.

In January, 21/64 Consulting and The Johnson Center for Family Philanthropy released the results of a landmark survey of young donors.  Charitable organizations are paying close attention to what it reveals about their values and priorities.  Tonight we will discuss the results of the study and try to what makes these young donors different.  How
does their age impact their approach to giving?  How are charitable organizations adjusting to their approach?  The Bay Area has lost some major philanthropists in the last five years – will this new guard fill their shoes?

Tonight from 7-8pm we will explore these questions and more with the following guests:

* Leigh Stilwell, Chief Donor Experience and Engagement Officer at the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

* Stephanie Fuerstner Gillis, Senior Director of Foundation Management at Arabella Advisors, philanthropic advisors with offices in the San Francisco.

* Danielle Oristian York, Director at 21/64 Consulting, which recently collaborated with The Johnson Center for Family Philanthropy on a study of young donors called “NextGenDonors.”

During the show, call in with your questions and comments at (415) 841-4134 or email anytime at or visit City Visions on Facebook.

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